Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day

On Friday the day before Valentine's day we had plans to play games with Arvid and Jolayne. I figured it would be a great plan to stop and pick up Crave Cupcakes on the way home from work but Brad gave me these lame excuses about not wanting to stop so I was annoyed. We skipped the cupcakes and just went home.

There were some pretty flowers waiting for me on the kitchen table with a cute note. Then Brad said he needed to put his hoody in the bedroom because he was hot and that I should come with him, suspicious :)

This is what was waiting for me in the bedroom. He'd made me the best card that said the nicest things and there was a box of Cupcakes underneath! No wonder he didn't want to stop.

It was an awesome Valentine's Day and I appreciate how wonderful Brad is.


Cathy West said...

I love Brad. He is sooooo sweet. I got some really good chocolate. Today we sat on the beach for about 45 min. Big mistake. But very fun.

Mitz said...

Oh you LUCKY girl!

Julie Lewis said...

I believe we have the same duvet cover. You have excellent taste.