Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Told You So

Before Catie was born Brad and I worked out a sleep plan and a schedule for her. We wanted to be prepared and it helped build confidence in our abilities.  The final goal of the plan was to get Catie to sleep through the night by 12 weeks.  I was adamant that this was possible though many people scoffed at me and though they wouldn't come right out and say it I could tell they thought I was crazy and were sure that there was no way I would succeed.

As we reached 8 weeks and then 9 I started to have doubts myself but she was always making progress, sleeping in 4 hours stretches and then 5.  Then two nights ago she completely surprised us by sleeping for 7 hours straight.  We celebrated but felt sure it was a fluke.  Last night she surprised us once again... 11 hours!  My 10 week old girl slept for 11 hours straight!  We're so excited and she still has two weeks before my deadline to settle into her new pattern.

Part of me wants to go back to all those disbelievers and  brag a little.


Jenn said...

Ha ha!! I love it! Success! And you deserve it because, let's be honest, sometimes it sucks to have your baby on a schedule and let her cry. But it doesn't suck nearly as bad as being sleep deprived for 2 years!! Congratulations!!!!

Kim Hawryluk said...

That IS great! I'm going to have to remember this when baby #2 arrives. I would love to be getting a full nights sleep 12 weeks after he is born!

Super cute outfit Catie is wearing!!