Friday, November 19, 2010

Jersey Scarf

A while ago I came across a scarf online that I thought was really cute and I wanted to re-create, I have looked and looked for the original but I can't find it which turns out doesn't matter because I ended up making a completely different one.  I wanted to make it out of jersey but I was too cheap to actually buy some.  I'd mentioned to Michelle that I wanted to make this scarf but didn't want to buy the fabric and then she had the genius idea to cut up a yellow duvet cover that she was no longer using.  We had both seen this tutorial by Make it and Love it ages ago and Michelle knew she had to have one.  Honestly I thought it was okay but I was more interested in the other I'd found.  That is until Michelle got half done and it looked so darn cute that I abandoned mine to make one of my own.

This was a fun project that should have been easy and quick but three kids makes for a lot of poor productivity.  What should have taken us no time at all took 4 hours and in that time only Michelle finished.  I cut out the strips for us, (all 56 of them) and finished assembling mine at home later once Catie was asleep.

The only change we made to the original was the length, I'm not sure how hers looks so long in the photo because ours were much too short.  We ended up adding 20 extra inches of fabric to the length.  Here are a couple more photos.

I gave it a real test today and wore it out on a Home Depot run, I stayed nice and cozy despite the cold weather.

You should check out Michelle's, it's super cute too.


Cara said...

I'm not sure if this is what you saw or not, but it looks a like one Ashley at Make It Love It has a tutorial for. Here's the link

Kristi said...

Thanks for the cute idea. I have jersey scarves in mind for a few people on my Christmas list and this is the perfect inspiration!