Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bouncy Chair Re-Cover - 1 of 3

There are lots of pregnant ladies around me right now and most of them are family.  With pregnant ladies come fun baby gifts and since there are lots I figured I'd get a head start on some baby gifts.  The best gift I was given with Catie was a bouncy chair so that's a gift I really like to give to others, they're really ugly though so I like to re-cover them first.  Over the Christmas season I bought 3, second hand bouncy chairs so now the re-covering starts.  I've finished one of the three so take a look and stay tuned for two more (I don't know the gender of any of these babies so they'll all be gender neutral).

This chair is the exact same style as the other two chairs I've done here, and here.  Since I've done it twice already it was a pretty quick project with no problems.

Here's how it started.

And a photo with the toy bar removed.

This chair vibrates and plays music and I think the Mommy will be very happy with it, hopefully she loves it as much as I loved mine.


Sharon said...

It looks great! I am wanting to recover a stroller but I am a bit nervus. I hope it turns out as great as all your recover.


shells8 said...

Nice! Did you just put the new material over the old cover or make a whole new seat? I have one that is pink & if I have a boy would like to redo it. Thanks!