Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Old Sweater to New Sweater Vest

Little Jack is adorable and squishy and looks like an old man.  He's perfect and lovely and in need of an outfit to be blessed in.  His mother didn't want a girly, white outfit and I had just read Made's tutorial for a sweater vest.

Side note... do you ever notice how after you learn a word for the first time you start to see that word everywhere?  It's the same with craft ideas, I see it somewhere and it's not too long before I have the perfect application for it.

So I had the tutorial and the reason to use it, all I needed was a white sweater.  I went to Value Village and found this.
 The front is pretty girl but the back was perfect.  Since Jack is so little I could make the front and back of the vest out of the back of the sweater.
I used an old shirt of Catie's as a pattern and followed the tutorial and in a surprisingly short amount of time I had a perfect little vest.  It really came together so quick, I started and finished in the morning all before nap time.  Here's a front view

And the back.
Now I just need to try it on Jack to be sure it fits.

I'm considering making some black pants to go with it, Brad has an old suit coat so I could make some black dress pants.  Adorable hey?


Lisa Johnson said...

This is soo cute Laura! I can't wait to try it on my little man! You should go ahead and make the black pants to go with it, I haven't checked with Renee but I think she's got enough on her plate at the moment. I'll measure jack's legs tomorrow :)