Thursday, April 14, 2011

First Haircut

Things have been quiet on the crafty front lately because we're getting close to the move this weekend.  I've hardly done any projects so don't expect anything great to read for the next little bit.

One fun thing I documented was Catie's very first haircut.

She's 19 months old now and doesn't have a ton of hair but it was becoming a little bit like a mullet in the back.  I trimmed only the very back but I cut off about an inch.

Here's the before (super frizzy from her nap)
and the after

Much better hey?


Debbie @ OtRD said...

Aww, so precious!

Libby said...

I remember doing friend & I didn't cut the curls off until our boys were about 3...they were just so precious (and rare on my boys since they didn't have much in the line of hair anywhere else!)