Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Resolutions

I wasn't going to make any this year, I just felt like I couldn't be bothered but a couple seemed to come up on their own so here they are...
  1. Brad and I watch too much tv.  It's what we do together and really, there are so many better things we could be doing so one night a week (probably Monday), we'll turn off the TV for the evening.  We love to play games so it'll be fun to do that again and I look forward to finding other ways to enjoy each others company.
  2. We live on a pretty tight budget and we've been doing okay but Christmas always puts you over.  We didn't go crazy but we want to tighten back up and get back on track so for the next two weeks we've vowed to not spend money on anything unnecessary.  This does mean that the couple of crafts I had on the go will have to be put on hold meaning you'll get some wordy posts and not crafts posts for a bit.
  3. Come up with more activities for Catie to do and spend less time watching movies.  We've fallen into some bad habits but today was much better, I made play dough and then we made brownies together.
  4. There's a weight related goal here too but I'm not ready to talk about it yet, that'll come later.
So that's it, nothing major just little goals but I think they're good.
I hope you've made some good goals and are having a great start to your new year.


Sew Wilde said...

Good resolutions! I need to try and cut back on my tv viewing too-it is hard when hubby is a sports nut though. Love all your projects-especially the magnetic make-up board.


Prissilia Kho said...

Thanks for writing up so many wonderful projects in your blog. I just stumbled upon it today from craft gossip and will definitely try to make the make-up board.. i too have too many make-up that i've forgotten to use!!

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