Thursday, February 16, 2012


Yesterday turned out to be mending day, very productive.

I finally shortened some pajama pants for Brad, fixed his suit pants and stitched up a tie.  Then I added some much needed belt loops to Catie's pants.

A long time ago Mom made some jeans for Catie, be-dazzled them with cute rhinestones but when I put them on they were far too big and they didn't have an adjustable waist.  She was going to grow out of them in length before they ever fit in the waist.  They had belt loops but only two at the front which is useless.  I threw them in the mending pile knowing that I could add some loops to the back but then they were forgotten.

I chose a fabric with pattern thinking it would be cute and she loves them.  I know this is a really terrible photo but sometimes that's the best I can do.


L3 said...

where did you get the belt for the jeans? My granddaughter needs one desperately -- no buns to hold up her pants!

Christi Lynn said...

so cute :)