Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Little Pony T-Shirt

I saw this idea today and instantly loved it.  I like that it's a character t-shirt but subtle and not knock you over the head.  I knew I'd make one as soon as I saw it only at this house we have no interest in Star Wars.  We do happen to have a thing for My Little Pony.

I went online and found some photos of Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy and then using the Silhouette software I traced around the images.  This gave me the nice silhouettes.  I was going to cut out their cutie marks too but they were so tiny that I decided to pass.  I cut the image onto the pink, heat flocked vinyl and ironed it onto a plain white $4 shirt I recently bought at Walmart.

I just ordered this vinyl and when it came I didn't think I liked the colour, I was a little disappointed but once I ironed it and peeled off the plastic it turned out I love it.  Especially since the shirt already had that hot pink trim on the neck.

I think my favourite part are the delicate, adorable eyelashes that turned out so well.

Now Catie just needs to wake from her nap so I can show it to her, she's going to be thrilled.

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Brad said...

As a point of correction: the ladies of the household have no interest in star wars. I like it just fine.

Unknown said...

It's cute, and its pink:) xx

singlemumplusone said...

Ba ha ha I just love that Brad had to interject there to point out his manliness.

That is utterly adorable, I wish I had a Silhouette so I could do things like this to my little girl's plain t-shirts.