Monday, February 17, 2014

Gymnastics 2013

Catie has been doing gymnastics for a long time and she's a star. At the end of each semester we get to go and watch and we can take videos.  I'm sure only me and grandparents will enjoy them but I think they're awesome.  Enjoy.

Balance Beam somersault

Her favourite trampoline Bounce

She does an awesome cartwheel

Balance beaming

 She hung out here for a while, just cause she can


And Eden even gets to play.  She was a superstar and hung on a bar, it's hard to tell but Coach Laura isn't holding on to her here.  I think she's a gymnast in the making.

In addition to gymnastics we added a ballet class.  

She class is so cute, her teacher is graceful and lovely and the kids are like elephants.  I love it, though Catie's unsure is she likes it or not.  It's not something that comes as easily as gymnastics but I think she's warming up to it.