Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Barbie Tent

Guys, I'm having major flashbacks to my childhood. Look what I just made. Did you have one of these because I sure did. I'm pretty sure you could find them at every craft fair.

And what's a tent without a sleeping bag?

It has the mesh window in the bag and the door and window roll up and secure with elastic loops, just like you remember.

I was really surprised that I couldn't find a free pattern and I was too cheap to buy one so I made this without a pattern, it turned out surprisingly well though. I did think Catie wasn't nearly as grateful as she should have been though so we'll see how much use it gets.

It even folds down flat, just like yours did.

I think these are next on my list to make, because how cute are they and let's be honest, there's no way Barbie is sleeping on the floor.

I originally wanted to make this version because I thought it was super cute. But I was also aiming for free and I didn't have anything I could use for poles and I did have wood dowelling. But this one is ridiculously cute and there's a tutorial.

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