Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Lori's Chaise

This piece made me an international upholsterer.
My aunt has a chaise and tried to talk my Mom into upholstering it for her. She refused insisting that we fly me down to Phoenix to work on it. So I flew down for a weekend.
I was a little worried about finishing in time but it turned into a family affair and took no time at all.

There was a little bit of contention over the fabric choice, especially for the pillow so we compromised. The front and back of each pillow is different. The largest pillow has red on the back, the red pillow has regular couch fabric on the back and the plaid (which my uncle hated) has green on the back. I imagine that every time my Uncle comes in the room he flips it over, every time my Aunt comes in the room she flips it over :)

This one felt like a really big change, it updated the piece in such a nice way.

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