Sunday, July 30, 2006

Summer is my Best Friend

So I've done it!

I walked by a waterfall, ate ice cream in a national park. Sat by the lake and went trail riding. I got bit my mosquitos, a little sun burned and let my hair blow in the wind. I ate BBQ Chicken and played catch in a park. Saw a chipmunk and a little fawn. I visited Monarch A.B. as my random Alberta visit and skipped stones in the Old Man River. What a great weekend!

So far my quest to live summer to the fullest has been successful! Stay tuned for more updates!

This weekend reminded me of how much I love the Prairie's, they're so beautiful. Coming to the top of a hill, looking out and seeing miles and miles of farmland and foothills is far more beautiful to me than any mountain range. The mountains make me clausterphobic, I can't breath, there's not enoug sky, there's nothing like a prairie sky. So big and blue and with clouds like today it's perfect. I'll take the prairie's over the mountains any day.

The drive home made me contemplate my city living, a good looking cowboy may be just what I need


Anonymous said...

If you really want to make the best out of summer you need to start boycotting shoes. It sounds crazy, but nothing says "I'm living summer to the fullest" like trying to never wear shoes between June and September. It's like some kind of crazy communion with the earth. But be warned, your feet are going to be unreasonably filthy and going bear foot into a movie theatre isn't for the squeamish. I'm pretty sure neil will back me up on this one.

- Jace