Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Prize Winning Pie

have this reputation as sort of a Martha Stewart-ish figure. I like to cook, it’s something I think I do well but I’m not really a fan of having to prove it. So the thought of a pie competition was intimidating to me (funny that I came up with the idea eh?). People expect me to win; they expect me to make something sensational... what if I let them down? What if their image of me is shattered... who am I then?

I didn’t want to make a traditional pastry pie... everyone would do that. Luckily my brilliant Chef brother is in town. Together we came up with an idea for a Skor-Chocolate, Peanut Butter ice cream pie with a yummy corn flake crust, just like Mom used to make. It must have been enough because my reputation is safe for another day, Best Presentation is good enough for me :)