Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Memories from My Youth

My 3 big brothers tickling me till I couldn’t stand it anymore (which is why I can suppress being tickled like you wouldn’t believe – except with Ian for some reason), the 3 of them fighting, and I mean fighting! There’s still a hole in the bathroom door to prove it. I remember Rob, Tae Kwon Doe chopping me and James and Mike ALWAYS fighting. I’ve seen all sorts of Manly movies thanks to my big brothers. Some memorable ones include Beastmaster and Red Sonya (which is actually pretty girly) and of course some wrestling. I remember sandwiches with Kraft cheese slices, Sonic the Hedgehog and Toejam ‘N Earl. Smelly boys coming back from Scout Camps and the time we all though James was about to be killed by Dad. When he says “Get in the Van” he MEANS it!

So things have changed a little. Somewhere through the years my 3 big brothers turned into some pretty great men. Two of them are fathers, all three of them are married. We had enjoyable conversations all weekend and there was no fighting. Some things never change... they did make me watch Ultimate Fighting Championship and there were still sandwiches with Kraft cheese slices but they’re such grown up, responsible men.

It was good to see the three of them together again.


Anonymous said...

Hey sis,
I think your memories are a bit clouded. Dad got angry when I told him to f@#* off, not when I didn't get in to the van, and it wasn't fighting. It was an ass whooping, but I do remember Toe Jam and Earl. What a great game.
It was so good to see you, I hope you come my way next time. I would love to show you Kenya. Also, I need a picture of this prize winning pie, I may use it on my next menu.
Lots of love...

- Chefwest