Monday, November 6, 2006

Good and Bad

I did it!

How long have I been complaining about wanting a raise? Well I finally did something about it today. I asked my manager if we could have a meeting so we headed off to a board room.

I told her that I’d been wanting to mention for a long time now that I really feel I deserve a raise. There was a co-worker who’d left to pursue a new job and since she’d left my role had changed. I have taken on more responsibility and I’ve been happy to do it.

The good part is she wholly agreed that my role has changed and that I deserve a raise. The bad part is she said raises only happen here in April. So apparently I’ll have to wait. I’m not sure if that’s an acceptable response but it will do for now. She also told me the percentage the raise usually is and it’s going to be way lower than I want it to be but I’ll deal with that when the time comes. I also mentioned that there are some courses I’d like to take and she was very receptive to that. She told me names of a couple people in the office who could probably help give me some direction with what courses would be most helpful. She also told me that she’s mentioned my change in role to the next higher up so when April comes that should help with the percentage of the raise.

All in all it was a good conversation, I didn’t get the results I wanted but I still feel good about it.


Anonymous said...

Grats on the meeting. I often find if I sit down with my superiors for these types of reasons, it only enhances the working relationship I have with these people. April's not so far away. But my birthday is in February and since you won't have your raise by then, you may want to start saving now.

- Sanitomo