Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Best Cupcake You've Ever Eaten

Picture it...
  1. The perfect chocolate cupcake, not too cooked and dry. Just the right size too, not small or big (leave them wanting more)

  2. The best icing, sweet but not hurt your teeth sweet. Strawberry or Blackberry... you choose. Both made with real, pureed berried.

  3. Just when you think that's all there is to it there's a perfet little surprise waiting for you. A centre filled with light, fluffy cream cheese goodness.

What did I tell you? The best cupcake you've ever eaten (sorry, no modesty here).
Bet you're wishing for one right now :)


Anonymous said...

What?? And you don't give us a recipe so we can actually have one of the best cupcakes ever?? How rude!

- JoshuaTagg

Unknown said...

I could give you the recipie but they're kind of a ridiculous amount of work... I don't think you'd actually ever make them.