Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Song to Change your Life

So I've been thinking about his concept for a while now...

You know that song, that one that you hear that changes the way you feel? There's something about it that hits you in a way to change everything, or so it seems (I should have prefaced this by saying it's possible I can be a little over dramatic sometimes).

It might be the lyrics that hit you just so, they describe you at that moment better than anything else can or it's something about how right the chords are, how perfect the harmony is.

Weeks, or months down the line sometimes they've lost their magic... they're just another song but sometimes they'll be special forever.

There are a bunch of those songs for me right now...

Pompeii - Numbers
Something Corporate - Konstantine
Making April - Hurry Up and Wait
Vega 4 - Life is Beautiful
Mike Doughty - I Hear the Bells
Pompeii - States

So my thought is... how many other songs like these ones are out there waiting for me to find them? What if I miss them? What if I never find them? These songs affect me when I find them so not finding them must affect me too... In what way?

It worries me