Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Securing My Retirement Fund

I learned something about myself this weekend... I think it was an important lesson. One I’ll try to remember my whole life.

I should never gamble!

Some friends and I decided to go on a big group date to Chuck E. Cheese. Each couple was given 20 (ish) tokens and whoever got the most tickets at the end won. Bradley and I weren’t so into this competition. We played a game here or there but neither of us really felt a need to win or to play many games, I was just starting to decide those 40 tokens were going to take a long time to get rid of when I saw it...

It sat, glowing with such a beauty that I knew we had been destined to find each other

Here’s a breakdown of the game...

“FLAMIN' FINGER is an unique, maze-themed redemption game.

Using their finger, players trace over a LED maze in an attempt to escape the maze within the predetermined time limit. If the player is successful they win the jackpot! Failure in completing the maze earns the player tickets based on the total distance that they completed within the maze.

Since game-play is time based, it is intense, yet short. The player turnover is quick but unlike other quick coin games, there is real skill and a real fun factor. Once you start you can't stop playing! The big plus is the game is completely unique to the redemption market. Tired of coin roll downs or spinning wheel games? Flamin' Finger is what you're looking for.”

All it took was one try... I was hooked! I couldn’t put the tokens in fast enough! Finally I realized I had a problem and made Bradley take me away, but I was distracted. We would play other games but none of them were the same, none of them excited me the way it had. Deciding I’d calmed down and could control myself we headed back to the Finger. I would get so close every time... so close, only to have the time end. “But I can do this!!” I thought. I was just coming to realize this game had me beat and would steal my tokens and my life if I let it, the unthinkable happened... I WON!!! 108 tickets later all my energies were renewed.

I’d been playing long enough now to realize that although I’m in love with Flamin’ Finger and it makes me unspeakable happy there’s a truth I must admit...

Flamin’ Finger cheats

I did some good old google searching and found a forum on Flamin’ Finger (yes, there’s an actual forum :)

“The game needs to be played X numbers of times (As set by the owner) before the difficulty level becomes easy enough for the jackpot to be won.”


“Our company is manufacturing a 8 player version of the Flamin' Finger and I found out that the single player version is nothing more than a slot machine that will pay when it is good and ready. I watched a number of free plays and noticed one time clock was down to 2 seconds which shouldve been plenty of time to finish last two rows, but all of a sudden it finished well within 1 second. So you are fooled into an illusion of racing to win but the machine adjusts the time automatically and will allow you to win when it is ready just like Pachislo and other slots. And you have numerous settings, one is the pay-off, all controlled from inside the machine of course.”

Just watch the clock in this video

If a simple game of Flamin’ Finger can do this to me, what would an actual slot machine do? I think it’s best for all involved if I don’t find out.

p.s. Thanks to Flamin’ Finger Bradley and I came in second place, that night will always hold a special place in my heart.


Anonymous said...

You would not believe how many tokens I've put into that game.

And you're right! It's totally deceptive. I noticed the timer speeding up, but I figured it was speeding up at some constant rate.

Guess I was duped, too. Thanks for the tip! No more flaming finger for me.

...and don't ask why I've been to Chuck E Cheese enough for this to be an issue... ;)