Tuesday, January 2, 2007

I'm in Love with Amber Hughes

In the past on this blog I've tried to leave out names... to let people remain anonymous but not this time, I'm making sure everyone knows that I love Amber Hughes and her cohorts.

I arrived home late this evening to find a note on the front entry floor that says, "Laura. Follow the Candy Cane Trail!!!" Sure enough there is a trail of mini candy canes leading through the living room and dining room, down the hall and the stairs into my room and onto my bed. Poking out under my blakets is a little bit of fluorescent pink. I pull back the covers to reveal the best looking Candy Grahm!

I'll try to post a picture eventually but to hold you over until then here's what it says

Thank you for the (BOUNTY) of fun that your party was. You were an (EXTRA) wicked awesome host!
Your food was a (DELIGHT), we wish we could (EAT-MORE).
We're pretty sure your party was a (SKOR). The lights added a great touch to the (PREMIUM DARK)ness.
We've got a theme for your next party, we think it would be (WUNDERBAR) if we could all wear (SNICKERS).
Love a bunch of (FRISKIES) (SMARTIES)!
Here's to discovering new people!
p.s. more to come about the New Year's party later... still to tired


Amber said...

awww you're wonderful! I pretty much love your guts!