Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Better left unsaid?

The vault has a leak today... if ever there was something you wanted to know from me today’s the day to ask... I’m spilling info everywhere.
  • I don’t like the way you treat her
  • Stop talking about your feelings!
  • You’re too good for him
  • She’s just not that into you
  • He really likes you, why don’t you treat him better?
  • You’re right, he’s not interested
  • She's not as head over heels as you think she is
  • Talking to you still throws me off
  • I wish you wouldn’t marry him
  • I’m sorry you’re so sad and I wish I could make it better
  • I hate how you use me
  • I really like you and wish it didn’t make me afraid


Kim Hawryluk said...

Thanks for just being there - that is more than I could ask for right now. It's good knowing that there is someone that is just there - you know?

Jbear said...

I love this list. Makes me want to write my own.