Monday, February 12, 2007

"and today was a day just like any other"

I've been informed that since I began dating a certain someone my blog has become boring...

I believe that a good blog post can't be forced so if I don't feel inspired then there's no post. I'm very content right now, there's no drama in my life. Sorry if that's boring :)

Hopefully this post will appease him.

Taking a page from This Fish (again)

Things I'm a sucker for:

Salt & Vinegar Chips
Bernard Callebaut Dark Chocolate
Long Hugs
Whisker Rubs
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Sunday naps
Laughing until tears with Jane
Veronica Mars
Long, hot showers
Dinner Parties
Text Messages
Passions (the Soap Opera)
Having my hair played with
New Recipes
This Fish

Feel free to make you own list or add to mine


Jbear said...

I will give you 3 of mine

Peppermint Hot Chocolate
Homemade slippers

Unknown said...

No one said anything anything about boring, just less frequent. Your posts are, as always, splendiferous!

Unknown said...

Oh, and in addition:

Happy Valentines Day

Anonymous said...

Sounds like people need more exciting lives. Your blog doesn't make my day but it certainly enhances it.

Hmmm... things to add to your list.

Vancouver Canucks hockey
Stuffed pasta
The Office

Unknown said...

I'll do my best to increase the frequency then, I'd hate to let me readers down :)

Mitz said...

Boring? BORING?! I live through you Laura and I'm loving it!