Sunday, September 9, 2007

Love Love Love

I'm ridiculously in love with my new purchase.

I've been looking for a new set of sheets since we got married. I want purple ones to match some pillows I made from fabric used at our wedding. So far I've had zero luck finding these sheets, I didn't reazlie it's be so difficult.

So it's become habit that as we walk through a store that sells sheets we check them out, hoping for some purple ones. The other day we're walking through Walmart and go through the sheet aisle... and then I see them. They're not purple at all, not even remotely, this picture doesn't do them justice... pink, paisly. They're hip granny sheets and I love them.

They make me giggle every time I see them! As an added bonus they were super cheap (although not the greatest quality).

Apparantly when I picked them up to buy them Brad though, "Is she kidding?" I wasn't kidding, and my joy at them has yet to decrease.