Friday, September 7, 2007

Story Time

Funny story... so we were supposed to go to a birthday party last night for a guy in our ward.

Brad knew him growing up but they haven’t stayed in touch over the years, his wife is the teacher of the Sunbeam class that I assist in. We were invited and figured we should go, so we bought him a birthday card and headed over. We don’t know them well and they aren’t necessarily the kind of people we normally hang out with so we already expected a little awkwardness. We pull up to the house and only get more nervous when we notice there are next to no cars outside the house, not a good sign for a party. We ring the doorbell and it takes Jaime (the wife) a long time to answer, again not a good sign.

As soon as we see Jaime, we see "the look"... you know what I'm talking about, the "I have no idea what you're doing here but I'll be polite until I find out" look. There was obviously no party going on. I decided to break the awkwardness quickly and said something like, "You have no idea why we're here do you?" She confirms that she's confused. We totally got the date of the party wrong, it's tomorrow night instead... oops!