Monday, December 3, 2007

Home sweet... Meat Locker?

A few months after moving into our apartment we discovered that our baseboard heaters weren’t working properly. After a few weeks, numerous phone calls and random stop-ins by our landlord the problem was finally fixed and we were proud of ourselves.

Well fixed seems to have been a pretty loose term. While yes, we do now get heat, the amount generated is NOT enough to actually keep me warm. 15 degrees when it’s -28 out is not warm enough. So you can generally find me on the couch wearing pajamas and covered in a blanket, carefully tucked so no air gets in. It makes me really unproductive though as doing those dishes would required me to venture out of my heated cove.

I’m sure starting to appreciate the case of hot chocolate I got at a wedding shower.
Here’s to more cold nights than I care to think about.


meenalu said...

You should check the minimum temperature bylaws for the city of Calgary. By law, the landlord should have to provide a minimum threshold of heat. So, for example, in Toronto the bylaw says 497-2. Minimum temperature.

A landlord shall provide heat to a dwelling unit that is rented or leased and that is normally heated at the landlord's expense so that a minimum air temperature of 21 degrees Celsius is maintained in all areas of the dwelling unit from the 15th day of September in each year to the 1st day of June in the following year.

You're right-it's way way too cold to deal with only +15 INSIDE!