Thursday, April 17, 2008

The blow-dryer that couldn’t

I’ve had my blow-dryer for quite a few years, probably 6 and it’s always worked out well. It was pretty random how I got it… I went down to my parents for Christmas one year and back then my Dad was still manager of the Grocery store in Magrath. They’d been having problems with their freezers, they’d get to frozen and stop working so he took a blow-dryer from the attached Home Hardware and used it to thaw the freezers. Having been used to thaw a meat freezer it couldn’t really be re-sold, so offhand my Dad asked if I needed a blow-dryer. The one I had was on its last legs so I took it happily.

So here I am with the same blow-dryer. Over the past week or so I’ve noticed that it hasn’t seemed to get very hot so I was a little concerned but continued on like usual.
This morning right as I was finishing there was a horrible, loud whirring noise, the smell of burnt rubber/hair and a rattling noise. It’s fair to say the thing is dead.

So I think the plans for tonight will include the purchase of a brand new blow-dryer.