Friday, April 25, 2008

To Busy to Blog

The overtime I've been accumulating is appreciated but I'm sure tired from this last week. I've been working on two really big projects so I've been super busy at work. Lots of late nights and skipped lunches.

These reports, and the way they're handled is fairly new so I'm allowed to be quite creative and I've put a lot of extra time and effort into them. Some of the people I've been working with have been difficult to deal with also so that was a challenge.

Today it payed off.
Damon, from our Atlanta office was helping to oversee the project so once I was done and had it all printed I sent him a hard copy. Today he called me and told me that this report is the nicest they've seen out there and he wants details on how I put it together and what paper I use so they can copy it and make this their new template.
Yesterday Tim came by, he's pretty much as high up in the office as it gets, and told me that he thinks this is the nicest report we've ever produced.

It's nice to have all the hard work be recognized and nice to know I'm building a name for myself there. This is something I'm good at so it great to have others see what I'm capable of.

Anyway, that's enough tooting my own horn for one night.
I hope you all have a great weekend.