Friday, August 1, 2008

Nearly a Week Late

Brad and I headed down to the big Magrath Celebrations last weekend and I was excited to show him what I grew up with. It's always a big event and lots of people come back to town for it so there are familiar faces around.

The day starts with a parade at 11:00 (best start time ever) and then there's beef on a bun for dinner. We skipped it as we were still on South Beach. There's also a program in the park and then in the evening there are fireworks. They close the weekend with a massive bonfire and an outdoor dance that is largely attended by high school students.

I think Brad was most impressed with the fireworks. You sit at one end of the football field and they set them off at the other so you're super close. As a result each firework is huge and louder than you've ever heard before. It makes for a unique experience.

Click on the slideshow for pictures and more info about the weekend.



Kirsten (Geeky Owl) said...

6 o'clock. That's all I have to say!
Oh and I like your new layout of your blog.

Unknown said...

There are somethings about magrath that never changes...and an awesome town celebration is one of them! The fireworks are the best. I remember many recesses where we would swing as high as we could and see if we could touch the leaves of those trees with our feet. Love the new look to your blog. I should get you to tell me how to change mine.

amy said...

How great! I haven't been to a parade in WAY too long!