Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The De-junking Begins

Brad and I have lucked out in our marriage and neither of us area pack rats. It's a quality I definitely appreciate in my husband. We like to keep only the things we'll use mostly because we hate moving stuff unnecessarily.

We moved pretty suddenly 6 months ago and really took advantage of the opportunity to get rid of an amazing amount of stuff, especially considering the tiny size of the apartment. The dumpster at our building sure came in handy and anything we didn't use got tossed.

As we prepare for our next move we've started the process early and things that came with us in the last move but haven't been touched since are going to be the first to go.

It started on Tuesday night as we both went through our dresser drawers. It was time to admit that most of those cute clothes neatly folded were never going to fit but someone else would enjoy them so off to Value Village they go. Last night I pulled down my box of CD's. I tossed all the cases, threw out burned CD's and we made room in Brad's CD binders. We're already two boxes down and there are 3 more that didn't ever get unpacked in the new house.

I'm excited to be even more junk free in the future!


chefwest said...

We haven't even started yet, and we have less than a month to go. It's amazing how stuff collects so fast. I don't even know where to start. I could fill 3 suitcases with just our shoes! We had to buy bookshelves to hold them all. Oh yeah, I also have to move the bookshelves. You want to come over and give us a hand?