Thursday, October 22, 2009

Participation Please

I realize since I nearly never post here I can expect participation to be down but I loved this, play along if you like and thanks Denise for the idea.

1. If Laura was a gem, she would be_____________.

2. If Laura was a type of shoe, she would be_________________.

3. If Laura was a fairy tale character, she would be________________.

4. If Laura was a season of the year, she would be________________.

5. If Laura was a fashion accessory, she would be________________.

6. If Laura was a type of gum, she would be__________________.

7. If Laura was a day of the week, she would be__________________.

8. If Laura was a flower, she would be______________________.

9. If Laura was a fruit, she would be_____________________.

10. If Laura was a colour, she would be______________________.

This weekend we have an exciting evening planned of Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, perhaps it will lead to exciting blog stories.


Jane said...

1. Pink diamond
2. Mary Janes
3. Gretel
4. Spring
5. Handbag/Purse
6. Spearmint
7. Saturday
8. Magnolia
9. Strawberry
10. Pink

Denise said...

1. Diamond...even prettier under pressure
2. Flip flop...comfortable and casual
3. Jasmine....has her own opinions, plus has a tiger as a pet.
4. Summer...warm, softball season, plus a chance to go to the lake.
5. Pearls...timeless and perfect for every occasion.
6. Cinnamon...fiery, but still sweet
7. Thursday...still hard working but with lots of great TV ideas
8. Tulip...classic and easily recognizable
9. Oranges...Sweet and only occasionally sour
10. Pink...Classy and feminine

Unknown said...

1. ruby
2. Slipper (please don't take this wrong i just always remember yu wearing slippers and really whats better then commfy warm slippers)
3. Little Bo Pepe
4. Spring
5. neclace
6. the chocolate mint kind
7. Sunday
8. Lilac
9. raspberry
10. Purple