Monday, October 19, 2009

Sundays are Hard

I know Catie isn't very old yet but it's frustrating how one day can throw off the whole routine. We're really careful about making sure that Catie eats, plays until she's tired and then sleeps and we repeat the sequence every three hours.

Sundays pose a problem. She gets held for 3 hours straight and then yesterday we went straight to Magrath where she continued to be held. She doesn't sleep soundly and doesn't get the right awake time, she also snack eats at random times. The end result is that when we're home and ready for bed she's sure she needs to be held or fed to sleep which we're strongly against. And then when we give in and rock her to sleep she sleeps for 10 minutes, wakes up and realizes she's alone and doesn't like it.

It makes for an awful, frustrating evening.
Sundays are hard.