Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fabric Rosettes

First off let me say this is not a tutorial.  If you read any crafty blogs these days then you have seen these flowers.  EVERYBODY is making them and you can find a ton of tutorials if you need one, I used this oneMichelle wanted to make these and I needed to make a gift for a friend so we got together and came up with the below.
This teal group of three is exactly what I'd envisioned.  I turned it into a pin by gluing a bar pin on the back (we'll talk about that further down).

Michelle made this headband that I thought was so cute I made my own version.

Here's where the bulk of the post starts though.  We're going to talk about the bar pin I mentioned earlier.
I imagined this cute pin on a shirt just like this

But I wore it for about a minute before I decided it was going to ruin my shirt because it's too heavy so I hot glued a second pin on the bottom, like so.  (Luckily when I went to buy the pin I had to get a pack of 40, lots to go around).

This seemed to have solved my problem for about 20 minutes, it really is just too heavy for pins so I had two genius ideas.  I didn't implement the first because I had supplies for the second but what if you cut some cotton fabric, slipped that inside your shirt and then pinned the flower through both layers.  I'm wearing a cheap stretchy t-shirt that would get a hole really easy but if you added the bulk of the cotton I bet it would help.  Try that if you don't want to do the other option.

My husband happened to have one of these laying around from his last job.

It's one of those super strong magnetic name tags, perfect for what I needed.  The name plate was held on with double sided tape, I just ran a butter knife down it and it came off pretty easy.  It left some tape residue but I was going to cover that up and hot glue doesn't stick to metal very well anyway so the leftover tape would help hold it in place.

First though I had to remove my two pins so I plugged in my kettle, waited until it was good and steamy, held my flower with tweezers (to avoid burnt fingers) over the steam for a few seconds and then I peeled off the pin.  Repeat with the second pin and done.  Easy.

I do have two spots where the glue was but it's on the back, I'm not too concerned about it and it's better than a holey t-shirt.  I glued the metal plate to the back of the pin and voila, magnet with no pin holes in your shirt.

Here it is clipped to my shirt, you really can't see a difference at all and I'm no longer worried about little Catie fingers grabbing at it.