Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What Catie Wore Wednesday #6

With the weather turning colder her sweaters are now appropriate and I'm loving all the layering options.  Now I just need a couple more long sleeve onsies for her.


Waffle T - Children's Place
Skinny Jeans - Children's Place

Then we went out later and it was chilly so we added her Roots Hoody and her pink puffed shoes from Superstore.  This was probably the last wear of the shoes, I really had to jam them on.  We went out to return a bass guitar that Brad had rented for the day.


Yellow Yo-Yo Sweater - Old Navy (I've been waiting for this sweater to finally fit, it's my favorite)
Embroidered Jeans - Esprit
Little Yellow Hair Clip - The Dollar Store
We didn't go outside today so no need for shoes


Headband, made by me
Striped Dress - Superstore (It's much to short to be a dress for her so I made it a long shirt instead)
Flared Jeans - Old Navy

And then we went out so we added this hand me down sweater from Old Navy.  I'm not wild about the fur around the hood but everything else about it is super cute.

Striped t - Old Navy
Brown Cords - Walmart, I love the heart patch at the knees.  These are actually way too big though so the patch comes below the knee.  She probably won't wear them for again for a while.

This dress got more compliments than anything else she owns.  It was perfect for Sunday since it was her birthday, it's the perfect party dress.  I think it's from a boutique in BC but I'm not sure since it's on loan.
The shoes are from Zellers, 7 whole dollars.

I skipped today because she didn't wear anything you haven't already seen, not even a new combination.


 White T - H&M
Grey Sparkly Skirt - Children's Place
Heart Tights - Superstore

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Olivia said...

What a doll and what style!


Kimmie @ Hello Mess said...

Happy I'm not the only one linking up to WIWW with her daughter as the model. :)

Cutie pie little lady you have there!

Jess said...

What a great idea to do your baby for WIWW! I think I may have to start doing this too!

Fowl Single File said...

She looks good in yellow...lucky girl! I also love that hearts are in blue instead of pink or purple. I would totally buy that blue heart shirt if I ever saw it in my daughter's size. Cute all around!!