Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What the Girls Wore #87

Catie built a camp fire one day (the necklace) and ate marshmallows with Daddy and Baby Eden.  Oh, and she hasn't stopped wearing her Halloween costume since the day I bought it.

Grandma brought us some face paint so we've been playing around.  She thinks it's really fun, when I finish she says, "I'm gorgeous!"

Some smiles in the morning.  She started to laugh this week too, it's adorable.

I have a serious Starbucks hot chocolate addiction and I'm passing it on to Catie.

I find it amazing how different Catie and Eden look, here's a photo of Catie at the same age for comparison. I also couldn't believe when I was looking at Catie's photos just how often I hold Eden.  I have photos of Catie in all sorts of positions and places, Eden insists on being held almost all the time so it makes for some boring photos.