Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Brad and I have always loved to skate so we figured it was something we wanted to pass on to Catie. We signed her up for skating lessons (which we sadly have to cancel) and we bought her some skates. We took Gwen with us and headed to an outdoor rink.

We knew she wouldn't be great but we didn't expect her to not even be able to stand. Brad and I quickly Tom off our own skates to help the girls. They I proved while they were there and they both had a good time. More importantly they both wanted to go again.

So here are some photos to prove we were there and had fun.

We had one real pair of skates and one pair with double blades that strap to your boots. The boot ones were definitely a big hit.

Gwen wearing the double blades. You could definitely tell she was a year older and could physically manage a bit better.

Wearing her real skates.

Someone else on the ice was kind enough to let us borrow her ... Orange thingy...

We're excited to go again, hopefully we can install a love of skating in her.