Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What the Girls Wore #92

Cute?  Why yes I am very cute, thank you.

Catie went to her first alone, friend birthday party this week.  One where I dropped her off and then came back later.  It was a pirate party and she got all this awesome pirate stuff in her treat bag.  I should have had her hold the cool sword.  Just look at that expression and it's not to hard to hear the Arrrg that she's saying.  Did you notice the earring?  It's my favourite part.

Gwen came to visit and the ladies had a bath.  I only had to moderate two fights, one where Gwen was touching Catie (the horror) and the second when Catie spat water in Gwen's eye.  Silly girls.

Sorry for the lack of photos, the fabulous iPad I got for Christmas has all sorts of perks but the one disadvantage is that I no longer carry my phone around as often so it's not as available for random photo ops.  I'll try harder.