Friday, November 1, 2013

What the Girls Wore #100

Time for some pictures of these cute ladies of mine.

Eden is all girl, she loves babies.  She carries them around and kisses them.

Eden's stool.  She uses the stool to climb up on the couch.

Again with the babies.

Eden's not much for tv but she sat and watched a little Sesame Street the other day.

Geoffrey.  He's very important, she sleeps with him and loves, loves him.  Her favourite game is to have me hold him while she kisses him and giggles.

Who knew one fudgee-o could make this much of a mess.

Playing at Granny's and Grandpa's

Playing the guitar with Daddy.

 Cupcake eating is a serious business.

Henrik "shot" Catie and she died.

How I love these girls and the way they love each other.

The shoes right beside her are not surprising, she loves shoes. Carries them over to have them put on her.

I don't remember what she was eating but it must have been delicious.

This is Catie's backpack that she takes to school but Eden thinks it's fun.  She likes to put it on, and take it off, and put it on, and take it off.

We went to A&W for lunch the other day and the cashier gave the girls suckers, Eden was super thrilled.

In the same day I took sleeping pictures of both girls, such sweet girls.

Cousin Emma came to visit and they enjoyed looking out at the neighbor's dogs.

It looks like Eden is showing Emma how to play with her toys.  They're actually not super friends, Emma's always a little unsure of Eden and I think she's relieved when she get's to go home and have some alone time.  Love these ladies :)

We had a nice day and we took advantage of it by heading to the zoo.  It's still half closed from the flood damage but we had a great time in the Canadian Wilds.

 Playing at the park.

Love these girls, they're growing up and are so much fun.


Rangel said...

I love your blog :) your kids are so adorable!!!!! :D