Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mom's Upholstered Love Seat

I've mentioned in my Love Seat Re-upholstery post that we actually worked on two couches at the same time and since we finished Mom's I can show you her finished one.

So the process was the same, we took apart both our couches at the same time and added foam to the arms and batting to the bottom.  Everything was going really well and we got her couch to this point (see my couch in the background?) and then I made a mistake.

We put her back piece on and then ran out of time and she took it home as is but I couldn't stop thinking about how much I disliked her back piece.

When I cut the three pieces on the back I forgot to add seam allowance and it looks so tight and stretched.  I felt bad that I loved mine so much and hated hers so I convinced her that we needed to fix it even though it required her to remove the piece on the back of the couch and we had to make a new cushion cover. It was for sure the right idea though because it looks so much better now!

Before you see the after picture I'll give you a couple in progress.

I love how putting on the back makes it look so professional.
You first add burlap

Then batting and then your finished fabric goes on. Each corner will get one drapery tack to hold them tight but we didn't have them yet.

So to remind you, a before

And an after

See the difference on the back? It's all cute and puffy now.

The stain she did on the arm is so pretty and look at her cute little legs

The couch fits in her room so nicely

Since I left she's put even cuter pillows on it

And since I can't help myself, one more before and after
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