Thursday, October 30, 2014

Upholstered Wing Back Chairs

I finished upholstering my green couch and said, "I'm done with that for a while!" but the more I looked at my sitting room the more I wished we had slightly more seating. It's really not a couch, it's a love seat that only fits two so if anyone else is over we have to go up to the messy family room. I think it was meant to be when I came across two wing back chairs on a buy and sell page. They were $50 though and I was trying to be responsible. When my Mom offered $15 for one and they accepted though I couldn't help myself and I became the owner of this chair.

Again, trying to be responsible so I only bought one. I figured I'd regret it one day but for now it was the right choice.

I knew I wanted a grey fabric with lots of texture and I'm super happy with what I found (though I took pictures at all different times and it looks different in all of them).

Like the couch I stripped it down to the frame

Here's a look at just how many staples needed to come out (my magnetic dish is my new favourite tool, it so handy for holding staples).

and I'm learning there's a point in every reupholster project where it gets really gross. All those crumbs that disappear into the couch over the years end up somewhere and you're going to find them. Notice the penny, a sunflower seed and the pin? Such nice treasures hey?

The bottom and arms were first to be re-covered

Next was the wings, love the piping.

I finished the rest of the chair and then moved onto the box cushion... oh box cushions. They are not fun. My first attempt was horrible, the second was okay. It's still slightly loose but I've left it for now.

And the finished chair.

And a few before and after's

Okay, now is where this post gets extra long. I was being responsible and only bought one chair but then I finished this one and I had enough fabric, minus 1 meter, for the second chair. It seemed silly to do nothing with all this fabric when the other chair was still available and only $15 so I bought that one too and re-covered it to match. I'm not sure both chairs is the best fit for this space but I think down the road I'll be happy for the matching set.

The ottoman is missing from these pictures because it's in the middle of a re-do and that white pillow is just a form, waiting for a cover but my supplies are still in the mail. I'll post those together when they're finished.

Chair one. Notice my new coffee table in there? Do you love it or hate it? I super love it but others haven't been so into it :)

And Chair two. I think I've finally got the hang of box cushions after this one.

I think I'm actually taking a bit of a break from upholstery for a little while (not too long though, I've got two more wing back chairs in my garage waiting for a friend).

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