Monday, April 13, 2015

Laundry Hamper Update

Here's a super simple update that has made me so happy! Catie has a laundry basket in her room that we've had forever. It's cute and wicker and has a lining inside but one day I washed it and dried it, not realizing that was a bad idea and the liner shrunk. I can make it fit if I try really hard but after you put one sock in it looks like this. Irritating.

Here's it's super stretched to make it fit like it's supposed to.

One day I was feeling especially motivated and my sewing machine was already out so I pulled out some scrap fabric and added a really thick band to the top, so now the shrunk fabric can sink in like it wants to and the new band hold it all in place.

A simple fix that I'm happy about every time I add laundry. Sadly, Catie doesn't share my sentiment. I showed her the finished product and she said, "I liked it better before". You can't win them all.


Happy Internet Marketer Mom said...

What a great idea. Gotta pin that one so I remember to try it. I've got several baskets with old, Yukky or non-cute liners I'd like to re-do, and if there's a top on the basket maybe I'll just add on that extra fabric. Cool.

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