Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The One That Got Away

I need to delete this picture. It makes me sad to look at it but I just couldn't bring myself to delete it forever so instead I'll blog it for memories.

I had a friend call me one day and say hey there's this couch I keep seeing on the side of the road for free, do you want it?

Boy did I ever! I went and got it immediately dreaming of how amazing it was going to be. It was in pretty rough shape and was going to take some work but I was okay with that. But it didn't take long for the smell to build in my garage... and that picture is a really good picture, it makes it look a lot nicer than it was (and that's saying something).

I started to remove the fabric to let it air out and get rid of the smell but I discovered that all of the foam was full of mold. It's such a waste that someone would just leave it outside to get ruined. I could have stripped it down and replaced all the foam but it's hard to re-cover my costs once I do that so I had to admit defeat and it got thrown away.

But I think of it often, and I'm sad it couldn't be saved.
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