Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ugly Chair

This chair

It definitely earned the title Ugly Chair.See how it's a greenish colour? Don't be fooled, it's actually bright yellow, just look at the fabric that's hiding underneath.

This chair actually goes with the Quatrafoil Couch. I found that couch on Kijiji for free and when I contacted the seller they said they would put it outside in the alley for me to grab. What they really meant was it's been sitting in the alley for some time, it's pretty gross has snow on it but it's free, help yourself. Sitting beside it was the even grosser and unexpected matching chair that Brad so kindly agreed to help me take as well. I initially thought it would go as a set with the couch but in the end they went with my two Grey Wing Back chairs instead which was a better choice. That left this ugly ducking sitting in my garage since February. I thought I would have to trash it but I eventually found an owner who could look past it's current state.

Since it was in such rough shape it needed more tear down than usual, all the padding got trashed.

I added all new foam and batting. Looks a little better hey? Like you would actually sit on it now.

She chose some fantastic fabric that ending up being a nightmare to work with (due only to my own carelessness) and made me question my own intelligence. This chair should have been very quick and simple but I made foolish mistake after mistake. It finally came together though and looks so cute.

I also did something new with this piece. Underneath the cushion I added a little custom fabric.

That's my name, embroidered right on the bottom of the chair. It's kind of hoity toity but I love it anyway and will probably add it to my future jobs.

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