Friday, June 30, 2006

Mean is hereditary

So I have this really mean landlady... and when I say mean I'm referring to the kind of person that takes pleasure in drowning kittens. Somehow she's gotten the idea that we're really bad tenants, I'm not sure how she came to this conclusion. We pay our rent, we mow the lawn (occasionally), we haven't destroyed anything in the house and we very seldom call to have things fixed. But despite the mentioned points she thinks we're awful. She's decided to raise our rent $300 which is unfortunate.

So she called about 2 1/2 weeks ago to say she'd be out of town for a while. She gave us the name of either her son or daughter to call if we had problems and she reminded me that she needed new rent cheques... no problem. I had every intention of taking them over early just to be considerate but things came up and I forgot. So today I realize it's the 30th and she needs cheques by tomorrow so I dropped them off in her mailbox around noon.

I come home this evening around 8:00 and there's a message from Mean Landlady's daughter. I'm going to type the message in as much detail as I can remember:

"Hi this is Mean Landlady's Daughter, I was supposed to have cheques from you by this morning but when I checked the mailbox they weren't there. Just wondering where they are or if this is your way of giving notice. Please call me because until I hear from you I'm going to assume this is your way of giving notice to vacate the property."

Going to assume we're vacating the property??? What? That was completely unecessarey... rent is due on the 1st, not the 30th. I have every right to wait until tomorrow to deliver them if I so choose. I called and left a very pleasant message saying we are not giving notice and the cheques are in the mailbox but I'm annoyed... there's no reason to be so mean about everything. Her tone was very rude and condescending.

And we get it already... you want us to move...

Good to see her mother is rubbing off on her


Anonymous said...

Drowning Kittens would be funny.....I should try that sometime!

- Nathan Smigel

Anonymous said...

I had a land lord like that on 20th Ave. The son took after the father much like your little scenario there. I moved out and got my own place but still knew the people in the old apartment. Come to find out the old landlord died. Yep. Dead. Everyone will get their cummuppins one day, Laura. Just be patient. :)

- Sanitomo

Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure I don't need her dead... just a little more pleasant.