Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I oficially hate Stabilo (it's a music group)

A friend of mine loaned me their cd so, as per usual, I brought it home, opened up my iTunes and went to listen. But wait - iTunes doesn't recognize the cd, that's odd. Oh well, I'll just open its folder and copy it onto my computer and then I'll put it into iTunes.

Why would anyone... at this day and age make a cd that isn't compatible with iTunes?!! I don't get it but I'm angry!

The cd will let me burn it or copy it to my computer but it won't play in iTunes. The only program I ever use to listen to cd's is iTunes but they expect me to count them as an exception and use another program? Forget it... I just won't listen to it. I spend the majority of my time listening to music on my iPod... can't do that with this cd.

The only up side to this whole situation is I actually don't really like Stabilo's music so I wouldn't really want to listen to them anyway.. it's the pricipal of the situation though.

So, in conclusion... not being able to use iTunes ticks me off

So I just googled itunes and Stabilo together and came up with this message from the band...

"We're very sorry your experience buying our music was a negative one. e are grateful that you actually went to the effort and shelled out the cash to actually buy the cd. unfortunately, we the band have no control over the copy protection on the album. in fact, we asked the label not to make our disc copy protected. unfortunately the bottom line is that it's not our call. however, there are ways around it particularly if you are running a mac (which i'm assuming you aren't otherwise it should have worked). itunes is another option. again, we're sorry this was your experience, realize there is a lot of great music and hope you will find a way to listen to ours. thanks for the support."


I feel a little less angry


Anonymous said...

Hey sis,
I think your anger is a little misplaced. Mp3s should be able to be played on any portable device. It's Apple that has the market cornered and there are several anti-trust cases being brought forward world wide. All this after they were forced to settle a lawsuit for lying about the life of thier battery and facing a court case for the shoddy build of the nano.

So, in conclusion... being forced to use iTunes ticks me off.

- Chefwest

Unknown said...

I agree that I don't love iTunes but since I use an iPod I had little choice but to convert. Now that I've fully switched I resent not being able to use one cd. You could even buy the cd on, so you'd have to pay for it twice... that's ridiculous