Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Win! Win! Win!

We won our first softball game tonight!!! Not only did we win but we actually deserved the win. The final score was something like 24 to 13. It took us the whole season but with one game left we did it. If we continue maybe we'll make it further in the play-offs than we expected!

I even got two people out on second tonight, yay! (we won't go into detail about the girl I sort of hit in the face... oops, that's why you don't slide)

Everyone played so well tonight! Good game team, can't wait for next Wednesday.
Don't forget to check out the pictures of tonight's game

It might be going to my head that Jenn said I was the cutest player on the team :o) Thanks Jenn!



Anonymous said...

It was a good team effort

- Nathan Smigel

Anonymous said...

Hey Sis, You're going to have to start going to Pheonix with tha family. They're all getting too old and need some new recruits. Nice pictures by the way. Where were you playing?

- Chefwest

Unknown said...

We were playing in a field up North, Beddington area - ish.

Ha ha, I think I'm too young to play with them... isn't it only for old people? :o)

Anonymous said...

WOOHOO!! You won! Well done, and I must agree with Jen - you are one cute softball player. Nice pics too, I especially like the piggy tales.

- Jane