Monday, January 8, 2007

Vacation Over

Things I learned from my vacation

  1. If I have time where I'm allowed to do absolutely nothing, that's precisely what I'll do
  2. Cleaning is not something I'll do on a day off, it's something I'll do after work
  3. I've become super critical of movies
  4. Blackberry frozen yogurt makes me happy
  5. The alarm clock is evil
  6. I love to hostess
  7. Nail from Istanbul creeps me out
  8. "Girls don't like nice boys" - Absolutely TRUE, any girl who denies it is LYING!

I think I went back to work just in time, the days upon days of nothing was starting to feel like real life

Surprisingly, as much as I dreaded coming back, it's just not that bad


Anonymous said...

why you no turn on webcam?
p.s you make great manacotti!

- not your turkish lover

Unknown said...

You think the manicotti's good, you should try my Pesto!