Friday, February 16, 2007

Jane-Almus Day (Belated)

I know this post is a little belated but I thought everyone deserved to read the great Jane-Almus Day origin story. That's right, we've created our own holiday.

Tips for hosting a successful Jane-Almus Eve event

  1. Brown and Green must be worn
  2. Lasagna, with spinach, is the traditional meal
  3. The Jane-Almus Day story should be read (preferably with toasts at the end)
  4. Either Jane or Al should be in attendance
  5. The badge with the official logo should be worn by all

I wish you many Happy years of celebrating Jane-Almus Eve!

The Jane-Almus Day Story

The amazing story of Jane-Almus day
Began in a land far far away.
In Floreana, the green leafed land
Where Jane and Al first took their stand.
When but wee babes were Al and Jane
A tyrant rose to power bringing horror and pain.
Mort Inopinee de Muerte was his name
Nothing would ever be the same.

Al and Jane grew up under the shadow
Of his black lies and promises hollow.
Until one day they expressed their hate
And agreed upon an Auspicious date
When Muerte's tyranny would be destroyed
And so they plotted and they ployed.

The "Green and Brown" was the paper they began
It was a way to stick it to the man
Green for life and Brown for earth
Freedom or Death - political rebirth.
They gained a loyal following underground
And soon faint rumors of freedom began to sound.

The infamous day they decided their coup to play
Was in the middle of Jane and Al's birthdays.
The eleventh of February the vote decided
Would end the bondage of a people blighted.
A suppressed people would rise to the top
And a deplorable despot they would stop!

They gained connections in Muerte's court
With his personal assistant Alberto Port.
Port poisoned Muerte's lasagna with arsenic
With the intention more than just to make him sick.
Unfortunately Muerte switched plates with his wife
Much to Jane and Al's chagrin and Muerte's strife.

So Al, Jane and their followers threw caution to the wind
And stormed the palace gates with no intention to rescind.
Fire, blood, soil, and sweat swirled all around
Until at last Lord Muerte lay dead upon the ground.
It was Al who dealt the death blow with his mighty sword
And Jane who kept them fighting with passion out-poured.

A monument now stands in Jane-Almus square
To remember those courageous souls who had fallen there.
And so it is now on Jane-Almus Eve
That we must to their memory cleave.
We wear green and brown to symbolize their zeal
And eat lasagna, which was Muerte's last meal.
So we thank you all for your participation
And invite you now to a toast and libation.
- Jane Kearl



Kim Hawryluk said...

That's quite the story! WOW! Way to celebrate Jane and Al! We love Jane and Al!