Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Eyebrow Eve Redux

I’m giving in to the pressure.
I cannot take one more mean comment about Eyebrow Eve and so I’ve removed it.
You’ve refused to leave it, to let it go. I thought it best for me to stay out of it, to not respond to comments, to let us agree to disagree but that wasn’t enough for you.
I was trying to stay true to the blog... to leave my thoughts on, to not give in and remove it but you felt that you should make me feel terrible because you didn’t like what I said.

I read and re-read the blog entry and I just do not find it offensive. I’m sorry that it offended you and I’m also sorry that you felt it necessary to leave me mean comments.

I never claimed my blog to be anything but my thoughts...

I’m sure you won’t agree with this but comments will not be allowed on this post. Because it’s my blog I can do that. I know how you feel; you think I’m a bully. You think that I was trying to impress my friends, you think I’m mean. I get it. I don’t need to hear it from you again. You’re wrong. You didn’t understand me.

I want to move on. I don’t want to rehash this topic over and over so if more comments are left regarding it I will remove them.

If I’ve offended you and you feel the need to stop reading the blog then I can understand that... if you want to stick around then I’m more than happy to have you here.

Let’s just be friends again