Monday, April 23, 2007

In Preparation for the Beach

Some friends and I decided to go out for dinner on Friday. We felt like Mexican so we headed down to Bowness for some Salt & Pepper. It was busy so we sent Al in to get our name on the list. The rest of us waited outside shivering in the light snow.

Unexpectedly the manager pokes his head outside, points at us and says, you guys, come with me. We were surprised we were getting a table ahead of so many others but we followed, happy to not be outside. We were mistaken though; he wasn’t taking us to a table but a new place to wait. He leads us to their outside patio, turns on the heat lamps and leaves saying he’ll be back when our table’s ready.

It turned out to be the most pleasant surprise. The patio was covered so we were sheltered from the snow, the heat lamps kept us warm. I found some mini lights and plugged them in and we had our own little private Mexican patio. The building next door had water running off the roof providing a lovely rain soundtrack. The only think it needed were some pretty drinks and some matches to light the tiki torches... Puerto Vallarta, I’m ready for you, here I come.

We eventually got a real table and had some delicious food but I missed the patio a little.

The Dairy Queen after probably wasn’t the best choice, a person can only hold so much food.


Kim Hawryluk said...

Are you guys going to Puerto Vallarta for your honeymoon? That would be so fun!