Friday, April 13, 2007

Shiny, Happy People

Greatest new discovery of last night...

The Hush Sound

Check them out, worth your time.

I went to the Hellogoodbye concert. Honestly, it’s not a band I’m all that fond of but Boys Like Girls was with them and they’re a band I LOVE, so I jumped at the chance to go when a free ticket was offered to me. Hellogoodbye is a band that is much loved by 14 year old girls, needless to say I was pretty much the oldest one there. The band is poppy and a little synthesized, I’m trying to paint you a picture of the band so you can envision the group that was there to see them. Shiny, happy, colorful boys and girls (there’s a point to this, really).

The concert was at Mac Hall in the upstairs ballroom, there just happened to be a concert in the downstairs ballroom too... Black Label Society was playing. They are most definitely a metal band.

So we walked in to get in line for our concert and were immediately worried that we’d got the date wrong or maybe the location... stretching out in front of us is this black and scary looking line up full of tough guys in leather and did I mention black?

Picture it, two long lines stretched out across the food court, on one side you have black, scary, death, on the other shiny, happy, bubbly teens. Funny.